Dr. Martin Prince

Martin Prince has been a Professor of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia College ofPhysicians and Surgeons innovating in MRI and MR Angiography. He completed his PhD in MedicalPhysics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduated with honors from Harvard MedicalSchool, completed internship in internal medicine at University of California at San Francisco andRadiology Residency with fellowships in Interventional Radiology and MRI at Massachusetts GeneralHospital. Martin developedthe nitinol IVC blood clot filter as an undergraduate and wrote adoctoral thesis on laser angioplasty but switched research focus to MR Angiography in 1991 uponhearing a grand rounds talk on MRA by Dr. James Potchen, our society’s founder who later invitedMartin to attend the 1992 MR Angiography Club meeting in East Lansing Michigan. Upon returningfrom that MR Angiography meeting, Martin demonstrated contrastenhanced MR Angiography inpatients at Massachusetts General Hospital and went on to publishover 200 manuscripts and 6books elaborating on this and other MR methods. He has also been an enthusiastic teacher andmentor with over 100 trainees many of whom are acclaimed faculty at prestigious Universitiesaround the world.